HRM Practices of Grameenphone Limited

Research Problem & Rational for Study

Over the years the human resource division and its operations were considered as staff operations. But with the emergence of service industry the importance of knowledge workers increased. These knowledge workers are considered as assets to organizations. So acquisition, development and maintenance of knowledge workers in organizations became critical and to so forth that human resource division’s importance increased. Even, these days some organization is considering their HR division as line division. This report’s objective is to study the HR practices of the Grameenphone Ltd.

Md. Ali Akkas, Professor, Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, my supervisor has assigned me to develop a report on human resource practices at Grameenphone Ltd. as a partial fulfillment of MBA

Human resource management always deals with the proper utilization of human resources of the organization. We have studied many theoretical aspects in the classes. To get more knowledge about actual conditions we need to study in practical situation, which is conducted through project works. That is why we have selected Grameenphone Ltd. for our study. I are covering the HR policies and practices of Grameenphone Ltd. I gave the priority to Grameenphone Ltd. as I have direct working involvement with this company. I have also considered the significance of Grameenphone Ltd. in the perspective of historical value, market position, diversity of the workforce and some other issues.

Scope of the Study

The study will be conducted on ‘The Practice and Administration of Human Resource Management in Grameenphone Ltd. to construct a critical analysis on Recruitment and Selection. It also includes the Training, Compensation and Awards for employment perspective from a holistic point of view. This Project report covers:

Literature Review – A brief review on the theories and principles of Grameenphone Ltd. operating in Bangladesh.
Description of Grameenphone Ltd. as a company – A description of the establishment of Grameenphone Ltd. its mission, vision, goals, objectives, approaches, activities, area coverage, administrative structure, legal entity and other information.
Various Employment Sectors and Services of Grameenphone Ltd. – The different types of products and services offered by Grameenphone Ltd.
Human Resource planning of the organization – Overall description of HR planning system of the company Grameenphone Ltd.
Process of Recruitment and Selection in the organization – By identifying a specific job the total recruitment and selection process has been discussed with various issues.
Training and Development process of the organization – a brief discussion of the HR training and development process and practices of the organization.
Performance Appraisals and promotions of the organization – A brief description of the organization’s current practice in the sectors of performance appraisals and promotions.
A Summary of the Findings and Evaluation – A brief description of the findings and evaluation of my study from a holistic point of view.
This is merely a descriptive report. Most of the data’s and information’s are collected through informal interviews with the respective executives.

 Objective of the Study

The main purpose of the study is to compare the theoretical knowledge with practical scenario and at the same time get an in-depth knowledge about Human Resource planning and personnel policies. In order to serve this purpose the following objectives have been satisfied:
To learn about the important environmental influences effecting Grameenphone Ltd.
To learn about the HR practices of Grameenphone Ltd.
To learn about the Organizational Culture of Grameenphone Ltd.
To develop and recommend some implemental suggestive measures.
After successful completion of the course works, this report is prepared and presented by the group members to the Project Supervisor for the evaluation of their practical perspective. The Project Report is prepared on a real life study with the text perspective in a practical way.

Sources of Data

All the required information were gathered at the source through informal interviews, careful observation, consultation of books, Grameenphone Ltd’s  internal circulars, Grameenphone Ltd’s HR manual and office records. For this purpose the General Manager and some Executives (Admin) has been interviewed.
The major sources of information for study are as follows:
Secondary Data:
Reports and Documents of the Grameenphone Ltd. i.e. Annual Reports, Brochures etc.
Business and Trade Journals.
Newspapers and Magazines.
Primary Data:
Interview with the Grameenphone Ltd’s Employees and Personnel.

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