CHE GUEVARA | A Brave , Revolutionary Humanity Soldier

CHE GUEVARA A Brave , Revolutionary Humanity Soldier ......................................
Che Guevara "Ernesto Guevara de la Serna" most commonly known as "Che Guevara" was born in June 14, 1928 in osario in Argentina. He was a leading Revolutionary in Argentine Marxist Revolution. He completed his graduation in Medicine from 'University of Buenos Aires' and worked as a doctor. Knowledge seeker Che Though Guevara's family was not in very affluence but was liberal, anti-Nazi and anti-Peronist, and not very religious. In his youth Guevara got the opportunity to read widely. His home was contained with more than 3,000 books. Throughout his life Che was passionate about poetry, especially that of 'Pablo Neruda', 'John Keats', 'Antonio Machado', 'Federico García Lorca', 'Gabriela Mistral', 'César Vallejo', and 'Walt Whitman'. Afterwards 'Sartre', 'Ciro Alegría', 'Stalin', 'Mussolini', 'Karl Marx's Das Kapital' and others were also in his reading list in the 1940. From then he started to think critically about Socity, Politics and of course Revolution. He also used to keep a diary of his very own philosophical thoughts. That helped Che to compose his extraordinary books afterward. Traveler Che Che Guevara had a very uncommon traveler mind from his childhood. In his student life Che made a long travel in various places in Argentina and as well as some other countries in Latin American Territory. He had an old 'Norton 500 single motorbike' that was his company in his journey. With the motor bike, in 1952, he traveled around the South America and that journey made his eyes open about the situation of the misfated Indians and raised his decision for the awakening of his social conscience. During his travel he always carried a diary to note the daily incidence and his comments about those. One of Guevara's famous comment he wrote in his diary, "Wandering around our 'America with a capital A' has changed me more than I thought." Che's revolutionary movements Che Guevara did not join any political or revolutionary organization in his student life. But while Che was in 'Guatemala' in 1954 he witnessed socialist government of President Jacobo Arbenz overthrown by an American backed military coup. That incidence and his experience of that time disgusted him very much and mounted a simulative pressure and made Guevara to decide to join in the Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro, in Mexico. And his revolutionary life met the first step. He wrote in a letter to home: "Along the way, I had the opportunity to pass through the dominions of the United Fruit, convincing me once again of just how terrible these capitalist octopuses are. I have sworn before a picture of the old and mourned comrade Stalin that I won’t rest until I see these capitalist octopuses annihilated." July 26 Movement Through the Movement of July 26, 1953, attack on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba, Guevara tarted his revolutionary life. And during that period Guevara acquired his famous nickname 'CHE', due to his frequent use of the Argentine diminutive interjection che, a slang casual speech filler used similarly to "eh" or "pal (wikipedia). Guevara was arrested along with Fidel Castro in Mexico for a short time. Cuban Revolution In 1956 in a loaded 38-feet long motor yacht 'Granma' full of weapons, Guevara, Castro and eighty other men and women arrived in Cuba in an attempt to overthrow the government of General Fulgencio Batista. This group became known as the July 26 Movement. They set up their base in the Sierra Maestra mountains. On the way to the mountains they were attacked by government troops. After the encounter when they reached the Sierra Maestra there were only sixteen men left with twelve weapons with them. For the next few months Castro's guerrilla army raided isolated army garrisons and were gradually able to build-up their stock of weapons. Castro's revolutionary guerrillas took control of territory and they redistributed the land amongst the peasants. In return, the peasants helped the guerrillas against Batista's soldiers. Some of the peasants also joined Castro's army, mostly the students from the cities and other peoples too. In the time of the war Guevara take Castro's attention with his competence, diplomacy and patience and he became an integral part of rebel.
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